I can’t believe it’s been nearly TWO WEEKS since my last update!  What the heck?? 

Yeah, I guess you could say life has been busy.  These rotations are killin’ me.  But they’re good.  I’m at a diabetes clinic now.  And apart from almost getting sued the other day for HIPAA violations, it’s pretty sweet.  I’m not so much into all the crazy paper work and crap we gotta do, but at the same time, since I’m interested in psych, and since there seems to be a high correlation between schizophrenia and diabetes/hypertension, this is gonna be some very good background stuff for me to get under my belt. 

Other than that, things have ACTUALLY been going WELL the last couple of weeks!  Who woulda thunk it?

Yeah, God has been really good.  Life isn’t all peaches, of course.  I’ve had plenty of saline moments in the last couple of weeks, but it feels like such a GOOD pain.  There’s something about knowing that GOD is actually the one pushing on the sore spots – He’s not doing it to be mean, but doing it to massage it and make it better.  Truly comforting.

So yeah, I’m surviving.  Fighting the good fight.  Keeping the faith.  And all that jazz.

By the way, my friend Christina is dead set against me getting highlights.  What the freak, man??  Christina, get w/ the program, babe.  It’s gonna happen, alright?

Had a really really reeeeally good counseling session Thursday.  I got quite a revelation.  I’ll actually share it for the in crowd, but it’s not something I want to post publically, so if you’re part of the group that’s in the “in crowd”, but I just don’t have the space to fit you on the protected list (damned xanga discrimination against non-premium users!!  does “the man” ALWAYS gotta keep a brotha down??), just holla, and I’ll give you the revelation on the DL.  Otherwise, just read it below.

Another piece of good news . . .the wise pledgemasters of my frat this year extended me a great honor this week.  Hell night, here I come!! I am gonna make those neophytes regret the day they ever joined my frat!! MUAHAHAHA!!

OH!  And by the way . . . I got a new pic up!  That’s my best bud, Paul right there.  He’s the dude I know from NYC.  One of THE most awesome men you’ll ever meet – if you haven’t had the pleasure yet!

Everyone wave hi to Paul, k? 

Aight, I’m tired.  Gonna catch some zzzzzzz’s now.  PEACE!!


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  1. OMG!!! I have seen that pic for a bit now and I did not know that was paul. hehe My eyes are getting worse i see.Good to see things moving right along man. Highlights??? I’ll have to see this one. I’m sure they are as really cool.derrick

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