So I went shopping on Saturday, and came across “Ocean’s 11” for $10!!  I SO had to get it!  It’s one of those rare movies that I watch every time it comes on TV, regardless of how many times I’ve seen it.  Everything from the script, to the on-screen chemistry, to the cinematography are just AWESOME!  Just thought I’d share   Just got through watching it for like the 7th or 8th time.  I pick up something new every time I see it.  OK, enough of the shallow, mundane shiznit.


I’m not usually one for blog fads, but what the hell?  When all your friends do it, you kinda gotta do it too, eh?

Following suit from CJ, christina, and John . . .

a result of boredom:

1. Grab the nearest book.
2. Open the book to page 123.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the text of the next 3 sentences on your blog along with these instructions.
5. Don’t you dare dig for that “cool” or “intellectual” book in your closet! I know you were thinking about it! Just pick up whatever is closest.

“The skin folds up and then down every time I take a step.  It is a terrible pain.  My knees feel arthritic and my mouth is cotton dry.”

Mmmm . . . not terribly deep, is it?

That’s from Donald Miller’s “Prayer and the Art of Volkswagen Maintenance”.  He’s right in the middle of a story.  I wish I could give more details about it, but I haven’t gotten that far in the book yet.

Anywho . . . lots of stuff still going on.  I’m reminded of the extended title of Brian McLaren’s last book “Generous Orthodoxy” where he talks about being “depressed yet hopeful”.  Pretty accurate description.  There’s plenty whirling around in my mind, but I know God’s right in the  middle of it all, and is going to finish the work that He’s started.

. . . more if you CTP!

Peace and love,


Weekend Update . . .

OK, the week was horrible.  Officially just horrible.  But it’s over now, and I’m hoping to move on.  The presentation is over (as is a huge load of stress).  It went pretty well.  The ethernet cords have been turned back in to Chris . . . unfortunately I fell quite a few times while I had them back so that I could work on my project.  But again, it’s over.  Moving on . . .

Had dinner last night to celebrate Audrey’s and Jamin’s birthdays.  Hope you guys had a great time.  Sorry I wasn’t more personable, but again . . .I had a horrible week.

Plans for this weekend include getting some reading done, applying for the NAPLEX, doing a LOT of thinking and praying (I’m thinking of taking another walk down to the harbor and having some of my patented Jesus time.  It was nice doing that last night . . . I miss the days of making that a regular practice.)  Also gonna probably go shopping today with Chris at Towson.  Holla if you wanna join!

Not sure if I’ll be going to Trinity tomorrow.  I’d kinda like to see what Easter service is like at CRCC.   However, I’ve had a horrible track record recently of finding the energy to actually get up that early in the morning and head down to Burtonsville.  We’ll see . . .

Pray for me, folks.  I always need it.


Some pics . . .

As promised . . . here are a couple of pics!

Here’s one of CJ and my pop.

Here’s one of CJ and her favorite Christmas toy (Elmo, of course!  So freakin’ cute!)

My sister-in-law (Teya), CJ, and my bro (Mark):

One of the whole fam (from L to R: cousin Pat, Teya, Momma, Poppa, Me, and CJ)

Aight, that’s all for now.  Me and Jesus need to spend some
serious time together discussing all the crap that’s going down. 
Was feeling like I was drowning, and then started drowning, but I
refuse to go out w/o a fight!

Things that pissed me off today:

1.  My water was shut off this morning. I was not warned. Grrrrr!
2.  The ethernet connections in Pascault row are super slow!  So I have to do my research in the computer lab. *sigh*
3.  I have to do research on a beautiful day

Things that make the day seem pretty darn cool:

1.  My ambulatory clinic presentation has been pushed off until
Friday, which means I get to do some slacking off today!  (Anyone
down for doing something tonite???)
2.  Brian McLaren’s new book (“The Last Word . . . And the Word After That”) is coming out in 3 days!!
3.  The Phanatik (from Cross Movement) just released his solo CD,
and being that he’s my favorite member of the CM crew, I’m highly
4.  Jesus is still pretty awesome to me, regardless of how screwed up life gets.  I’m glad I’ve got Him.

Howdy.  I guess it’s been awhile.

Um, let’s see.  I guess things are pretty crappy at the
present.  Life is still up in the air.  I’m feeling like shit
about some stuff that’s come to the surface, and I’m wondering when
this merry-go-round will ever end (CTP!)

Spent some time in Williamsburg with the fam this weekend. 
Pictures are pending (as soon as my lazy brother sends them to
me).  My niece is absolutely adorable.  She has my
heart.  But all was not well in paradise.  I had a nice, relaxing time,
but there were some issues that surfaced there, and have to be dealt
with (CTP!).

My pet peeve of the weekend surrounds WAWA lemonade (formerly known as
“liquid crack” among the UMCP crew).  They changed the way they
make it!  It just ain’t as good anymore.  It makes me very
sad   However, the blueberry donuts are still pretty awesome!

In cooler news, there’s a chick at church I think digs me.  I
really dig her too. Unfortunately, I’m still way too F’d up to be
pursuing any kind of relationship.  So whateva.

I think that’s all for now.  I hope everyone enjoys spring
break!  Fortunately for me, I still have clinic this week, so I know I’ll be enjoying it! (That’s called sarcasm )

Senioritis and other such things. . .

So I spent the last 4 hours in
the library writing up a paper.  The LAST paper I’ll ever have to
do for pharmacy school!  In all honesty, I think it sucks! 
It’s not up to my usual standards of thoroughness, but please ask me if
I care. No, seriously.  Ask me.

NO!  Of COURSE I don’t
care!  I’ve got major senioritis right about now!   I’m
reminded of my college days.  Me and my friend (and fellow-RA)
Patrice used to have this running joke.  We were both honors
students, and every once in awhile we’d get sick of being those majorly
anal, type A perfectionists and say “screw the work!”  And even in
those times when we’d put in 2 hours of work on a paper we should have
put in 8 hours for, we’d still get B’s.  This happened so often
that we considered changing the UMCP Honors motto to: “Honors
crap?  Still a B!”

Unfortunately, we were too lazy to ever propose the idea.  Whateva.

Other than that, I’ve been thinking through a lot of stuff.  What else is new?

I’ve tried to make some steps
toward committment.  Very small steps.  I have a tendancy to
talk a lot about what I want to do, and about future plans.  So
now, instead of just talking, I’m actually making real committments to
these things and putting my money where my mouth is.  For
instance, I was waffling on whether or not I should go to church this
Thursday evening, b/c I need to go home that night . . . but I just
decided to stop waffling and commit to going.  Hopefully, as I
remain faithful in these small things, I’ll learn how to not be so
scared of the bigger things – like finding a ministry to get involved
in at church!

Things are still going pretty
well, though there are times of insanity.  Yesterday was one of
those times.  Not sure why, but I was feeling majorly emotional,
highly untrusting, and overwhelmingly unloved yesterday.  It may
have been due to not getting enough sleep the last couple of nights,
and no doubt my allergy problems flaring up contributed to my poopy
mood, but the pain and confusion started to get intense.

I was reminded that God allows
us to go through such times because there’s something for us to
learn.  So instead of using the time to sulk about life, I drew
near to my Father.  It didn’t make the pain go away, but it gave
me some means to cope.  And it helps that I’m able to just be
completely needy and pathetic with Him.  I asked the Lord to help
me to find some love that night, and it came through in the way of
calls from good friends.  I’m truly blessed to
have such awesome friends.

In other news, I’m still
reading Leonard Sweet’s “Out of the Question . . . Into the
Mystery.”  He’s a bit too redundant in his points for my
taste.  It’s somewhat annoying.  Yet at the same time, I find
his insights so refreshing and his point of view has reminded me of how
a relationship with Christ should be.  I think I’m most fascinated
by his view of Abraham sacrificing Isaac, and how that whole event put
a damper on his relationship with God.  Very intriguing
stuff!  Never thought of it in the way Sweet lays it out.  We
tend to view old Abe as having this extraordinary faith, but Sweet
postulates that while his faith was strong in obedience, it was majorly
lacking in relationship – and after all, truth is much more about
relationship than it is about holding to a set of beliefs.  Very
good stuff

Aight, there’s more to say,
but again, I think it’s best kept for “CTP” status.  The promised
CTP report is coming soon, but bear with me folks.  I’m still
working with decreased online access.  It’s hard to dig up all the
emotional dirt when you’re in public, so bear with me if the updates
don’t come as frequently as usual (*coughDAVEcough*)

That’s all for now!

P.S.  Pray for a
brotha!  My court date (for my first ever speeding ticket) is set
for this Friday.  I hope the judge is merciful so I don’t have to
get points on my license!  Afterwards, my fam and I are headed to
Williamsburg.  Hopefully it’ll be a time for some good
connection.  Plus, there are some things that need to be said
between my brother and I, and I’m hoping it’ll come out this weekend.