Howdy.  I guess it’s been awhile.

Um, let’s see.  I guess things are pretty crappy at the
present.  Life is still up in the air.  I’m feeling like shit
about some stuff that’s come to the surface, and I’m wondering when
this merry-go-round will ever end (CTP!)

Spent some time in Williamsburg with the fam this weekend. 
Pictures are pending (as soon as my lazy brother sends them to
me).  My niece is absolutely adorable.  She has my
heart.  But all was not well in paradise.  I had a nice, relaxing time,
but there were some issues that surfaced there, and have to be dealt
with (CTP!).

My pet peeve of the weekend surrounds WAWA lemonade (formerly known as
“liquid crack” among the UMCP crew).  They changed the way they
make it!  It just ain’t as good anymore.  It makes me very
sad   However, the blueberry donuts are still pretty awesome!

In cooler news, there’s a chick at church I think digs me.  I
really dig her too. Unfortunately, I’m still way too F’d up to be
pursuing any kind of relationship.  So whateva.

I think that’s all for now.  I hope everyone enjoys spring
break!  Fortunately for me, I still have clinic this week, so I know I’ll be enjoying it! (That’s called sarcasm )


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