Howdy ho . . .

So I had a great day yesterday.  John says that I don’t say such things enough, so I thought I’d start off with a bit of positivity on this one

I’ve been speaking to a couple of folks here and there about pomo stuff, so I had a couple of people interested in going to Cedar Ridge with me.  In fact, one girl just emailed me out of the blue last week, expressing some of the same concerns about Trinity that I’ve had.  It’s actually quite uncanny how much her experience mirrors my own!

So 3 of us met up at Cedar Ridge, and the message was awesome!  Brian’s words hit straight to my heart. The more I attend, the more the place feels right.

Afterwards, we had lunch, and then I was gonna head down to D.C. for the Worship in the Spirit of Justice campaign.  It just so happened that they were meeting in Freedom Plaza, which was gonna be just a few blocks away from Audricus and her family.  Unfortunately, by the time I got to D.C., the program was over, so I walked over to the Air and Space museum, and met the Schmidts. 

I had sooo much FUN hangin’ out with them!  I think I rather sucked as a tour guide, considering it’s been years since I’ve worked downtown, and don’t remember where ANYTHING is anymore!  But we had some really awesome adventures to long lost lands, and saw a lot of stuff I haven’t seen since I was a kid.  Not to mention that her family is friggin groovy!  Her parents reminded me so much of my own parents.  I totally felt at home w/ them.

Tonight will be my first official night in the new apartment.  I still have a ton of stuff to move, and I have ZERO energy for it!  But it’ll get done.  By GOD, it’ll get done!

The job training is going really well.  It’s actually very weird now, because I’m pretty autonomous at this point, and it’s kinda strange having all that “power”.  It’s also slightly daunting to realize that a careless stroke from my pen, or a mistyped sig could spell the end of some poor person’s life.  It was one thing being a student – b/c the responsibility ultimately lied with the pharmacist supervising me – but now it’s all on me.  Cool, but very very scary!

Anywho . . . if you want the spicier details on the stuff above, and even more shtuff . . . CTP!!



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  1. My family loved hangin’ out with you as well. They couldn’t stop talking about you yesterday! 🙂 Well, congratulations on finally getting into the new apartment. I can’t wait to come see it tomorrow night. Maybe you could help me with a little apartment shopping myself, since you just finished looking and all.

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