Blissful agony . . .or Blast in NYC Pt 2 . . .

So I took off last Friday and yesterday to spend a long weekend up in NYC.  I had sooo much fun with some of the greatest guys on the face of the planet!

I got up at the buttcrack of dawn to drive down into the city and hope to get a cab to the bus station.  I’ve had so many issues in the past w/ getting a cab b/c I’m calling from a long distance cell phone number.  But miraculously, a cab came along to pick me up.  God is such a gentleman sometimes

I arrived in NYC around noonish to meet up with an eager, bright-eyed, Canadian John who had just found himself in one of the most seizure-inducing parts of the country (Times Square).  We went to our hostel and then had the most amazing corned beef sandwiches at the famous Carnegie Deli.  We spent the rest of the afternoon walking allllllll over lower Manhattan.  My feet still feel it!

After a bit of time in Chinatown and Little Italy, we met up with John and Paul in the East Village, grabbed some Thai food, then went over to Scott’s to help him move.  Goood GOSH! That was an interesting couple of hours.  Between being sweaty/funky, listening to John complain, trying to keep myself from complaining too much, keeping away from the big yellow circle of paint Jon dropped in the middle of the street (which – due to an impatient driver -has since turned into a nice yellow line down the middle of the street, making the previously one-way lane into a two-way nightmare 🙂 ) . . . it was quite an adventure!

The events occurring after moving are a bit scandalous . . . even for CTP standards! LOL.  What happens in NYC, stays in NYC   (a select, privileged few may get the dirt if they ask nicely though )

Saturday morning, we were up bright and early for a trip to Liberty and Ellis Islands.  Great bonding time w/ John and Jon.  Then we met Paul and Scott back in Times Square for “Rent” – which was AWESOME!!  It totally lived up to my impossible expectations.  I can’t believe it took me 10 years to finally see that show.  But hey, at least I got to it before the movie gets released.

Next, we met up with Kris, J.D., Reagen, and Tom at Greenwich Village for an AWESOME mexican dinner!  Oh, and can I say that NYC sports a helluva LOT of attractive lesbians??  Yeah . . .

Actually, EVERYONE in that darn city is friggin’ hot!  It’s such a stark contrast from Bmore . . .b/c everyone here is pretty ugly.  But I digress . . .

On Sunday we toured the Seaport and then headed to Brooklyn Tab for their 3:30pm service.  It was really cool . . . reminded me a lot of the church I grew up in.  While there, I met up w/ this hottie Puertorican chick that I used to be into . . . back in the Hope Chapel days.  Anyone remember Arlene?  Yeah, me and my friends had a great time dropping in on her friends.  After service, we walked to the Promenade and blew their minds away (I think we were a bit too much for them.  You know how me and my friends love to pop Evangelical bubbles )  But they kinda asked for it when they started questioning my best friend’s salvation just b/c he went outside for a smoke

Next we walked across Brooklyn Bridge and went to a nice (but overpriced and underportioned) restaurant in Little Italy.  I spent that night w/ Paul, and we chatted into the wee hours of the morning.  Good times   I still feel gipped though.  Not NEARLY enough 1-on-1 time w/ my boy Paul!  Guess I gotta go back to NYC soon   And this time, Chrissy Jo-Jo, I’ll be sure to see you too!

On Monday, John, Jon, and I toured the UN buildings and then headed home after lunch.

All in all it was an AMAZING weekend, but as is always the case when I see the nearest and dearest brothers in my life – I’m quite miserable without you   I miss you guys immensely.  I love you guys so much.  I hope we can reunite again – sooner than later would be nice.

In more personal matters, my heart is hard at work.  I hate how being in the presence of understanding, loving people does that to you!  But yeah, I really do have a lot of stuff to sort through, and I ask that you all be praying for me.  It’s been a rough couple of days.  Yet, I find peace knowing that my God is on my side . . .my advocate.  I’m trusting Him to light the way.

OK, enough for now.  I’m outtie!  Hopefully I’ll get some pics up soon!

D.J. Free!


World of confusion . . .

So there’s lots of questions running around in my head.  I used to hate this sort of confusion, but I’ve come to a happy acceptance of it. 

Perhaps the happiness has a lot more to do with the fact that I’ve just had an awesome few weeks with some really great friends.  I feel totally spoiled!  First Rebekah, then Jane, then Sean, now John. It’s just too much love and livin’ for one guy!  I’m so friggin blessed!

So I’ve had an absolutely amazing time with John.  He came down from Vancouver, and stayed w/ me over the weekend.  On Saturday, we went to Annapolis and toured the Naval Academy and then strolled through downtown.  Surprisingly, the Academy tour was quite interesting.  What wasn’t interesting?  Walking around in the hot, hot sun waiting for one of the many “free trollies” to pick us up from any of the unmarked stops, or at least slow down when we waved them down!   Bastards!

But at least it was an excuse to go get a Slurpee from 7-11

That evening was marked by one of those patented heart-to-heart talks.  Needless to say, we’ve been up pretty late with all that talking and sharing about God and life and love and all that jazz. 

Sunday morning was another excellent service at Cedar Ridge.  I have yet to go to a service there in the last 2 months and not cry.  Especially at communion.  I think I’m just so extravagantly thankful for finding a safe place.  A place to breathe, and rest, and question, and wrestle, and engage heart and mind with my God. 

Not to mention that McLaren knows me by name now, and we’ve graduated to hugging at greetings   Considering I go up to him every week to introduce him to a new friend, I’d say it’s fitting.  Ya know, he reminds me a lot of my dad.  Maybe that’s why I like the guy so much.  

Anywho . . .next was lunch w/ Sean and Jane.  My friends and I can be rather . . . provocative (to put it mildly) . . . but Jane seemed to handle it like a trooper.  Kudos to you, darlin   Did a lil’ more Bmore stuff, then John and I met up w/ Chris and Audrey for dinner at Chipotle.  More good times

I took John to the train station this morning.  I miss him already   Sometimes it’s nice just having someone around, ya know?  But, he’ll be back Tuesday night . . . and we’ll meet up again in NYC where I’ll get to see Paul, JD, and Jon!  Woohoo!!  Again, I feel really spoiled this summer . . . I hope God’s not trying to prepare me for a lean winter?

Yeah . . . so, the only thing about spending lots of time with amazing people is that they get your heart thinking about a lot of things.  But I need to wrap my mind around some of these questions before I can articulate them.  Either way . . . thanks, John, for encouraing some insanity.  This is what life is made of

Peace out, party people!!



WOOPS!!  i totally forgot to make this post public . . . i actually wrote it days ago!  I was wondering why everyone kept asking me what I was up to this week.  I was like . . . “don’t you people READ???”  One cannot read what is not posted

Summer Passion . . .

Gooood GOSH!  What a whirlwind of a weekend!  I’m juggling way too many social interactions right now.  It’s quite sick, actually!  I’m soooooo exhausted!  I seriously need to take a vacation from all this crap before I run myself ragged!

So Friday night started with a trip off to Frederick, MD to visit my cousin Hollie.  Me and her sis (Nikki) spent the night at her place.  It’s been such a long time since we’ve all hung out.  We were very close growing up, but the world being as it is – we’ve grown apart.  It was really nice catching up with them.  Saturday morning, Hollie and I got to talk about our various backslidden escapades as of late.  We’ve actually never had that level of honesty with each other.  We both grew up in strong, Christian homes – the models of evangelical perfection.  But for both of us, reality has seriously bitten us in the ass the last few years, and I think we’re both finally coming into our own – learning how to be true to ourselves, and our God.  Rather beautiful, in my opinion – despite how screwed up we are

Saturday, I had lunch with Hollie and her boyfriend Ted.  Then I met up with some old college friends of mine for a potluck.  I’ve got pics.  Like to see ’em?  Here dey go!

The central of these 3 hotties is my buddy Div.  She and I were to be married several times in college, but she stood me up – once for my good buddy Wes of all people!  Yeah, she’s a total playa, but I still love her   We can just never be together again is all.  The last time she stood me up was when we were to wed in South Campus Dining Hall.  I waited for hours and hours.  All the latina workers there were highly disappointed – b/c there was much hype about our wedding.  Alas, it was never to be.  The chick on the left is Shamyla – a wonderful friend who’s graced this Xanga page before.  The lady on the right is a co-worker of Div’s (Claire).  A rather foxy lady!

Here’s one of the few natural shots taken that evening.  That’s me and my dawg, Steve.  Everyone say hi to Steve!

Here’s Vivek (Vivo) and I COMPLETELY butchering “Billy Jean” . . . someone please remind me never to do karaoke to fast Michael Jackson songs in the future

Sunday started off nice, with a trip to Cedar Ridge.  Then swung on up to Bmore for some awesome Indian food w/ the EPIC crew.  The highlight of the afternoon was definitely chit-chatting w/ Ahmun and Jane in the parking lot about the similarities in our respective cosmologies.  Having Ahmun back in EPIC has been SO friggin refreshing!  It’s so nice to have someone else who’s gone through the process of deconstructing modern-era presumptions and can wiggle their way around in a postmodern culture.

Then Jane and I headed down to Arundel Mills to have lunch with Sean.  More seriously, deep convo.  Totally fun though!  I’m struck once again by the whole question of “What’s the point of God”, especially as Sean brought up the great example of having “the Fruits of the Spirit in a bottle” . . . it’s amazing what a prescription of Paxil has done for many of our friends’ spirituality! It really does make you wonder about the connection b/w “joy” and “peace” and serotonin levels.  But I’m not gonna dive into that again.  Wouldn’t wanna pull anyone out of the Matrix before they were ready

Anywho . . . it was a blast of a weekend, but I’m exhausted.

Goals for this week:

1) Rest tonight

2) Regen crew tomorrow night

3) Lance Wed Nite

4) Dinner with Jane and CLEANING on Thursday night b/c JOHN is coming!  Woohoo!!  (Dude, when am I gonna get that DVD player??)


For the juicier “passion” details . . . CTP!


I asked for this shit . . .

Usually – once people start therapy – it doesn’t take them very long to figure out that their relationship with their parents is screwed up.  But I’m a stubborn bastard!  It took me more than a YEAR of therapy to finally tap into the great wealth of knowledge.  Lance really started to screw me up yesterday.  Got a lot of stuff bubbling to the surface, and it’s NOT fun.  That’s what I get for going to therapy though, right?  I mean, I asked for this!  I feel myself trying quite hard to push down the pain, which of course just leaves me yearning and longing   And yeah, I’m totally headed for a fall.  I better pull things together quick. (For the gritty details . . . CTP!)

On the brighter side of things, I must confess that I actually ENJOYED the Regen folks this week.  After weeks of being distrustful of all things “Church”, I have to admit that those guys have passed every test I’ve sent their way.  Regardless how obnoxious I’ve been, or how provocative, they’ve handled it all in stride.  So I find myself relaxing a lot more w/ them.  I’m finding them to be rather cool

I bought a bunch of CDs from my college days, and they’ve been making me really happy during all the traveling times I’ve had lately

Alright . . . nite, folks!!