CTP . . .


CTP . . .


I realize that since I’ve decided to keep even my more shallow posts protected these days, that there are a couple of people that could possibly be added to the coveted protected list.  You’ll have to make a petition to be added though . . . by email.  Don’t get mad if you’re rejected . . . I reserve the right to completely ignore your request without response (I’d probably explain why you’re being rejected though, b/c I’m cool like that )

I’ve been having a crappy week.  Yesterday was pure hell . . . but I rediscovered the joy of Fred Hammond.  I listened to Pages of Life (Chapt. 2) right after work and it cheered me up quite a bit

The week still sucks . . .but at least Fred is good to me.


I know, I know . . . it’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything. 

Life is life.  Been out and about doing my thing.  I had an AWESOME weekend in Ocean City.  Sooooo much fun!  (Until the very end when my friend insisted on being retarded).  Ummm, plenty of other stuff going on, but I don’t care to post about it right now.  Quite frankly, I haven’t had the emotional energy to pour out much on these pages.  And I’m growing increasingly disturbed by the number of people who come to my site and “stalk” me, but never bother to actually communicate with me.  So for that reason, most of my posts for awhile are gonna be protected.  All you stalking bastards can find out what’s goin on in my life by actually getting off your lazy asses and shooting me an IM or giving me a call (which actually doesn’t even require you to get off your ass.  See how easy I make life for ya! )

I WILL say, however, that I’m falling in love with Cedar Ridge.  Every week I go, I find the presence of God.  Especially during communion.  Growing up in Church, communion was actually something quite mundane for me . . . but in recent months, it’s become so sacred . . . so . . . spiritual.  There’s something about the way they do it at Cedar Ridge that really helps me connect with the mystery of the ritual.  When communion time comes, I suddenly wax humble, and broken, and repentent . . . and then Christ meets me and covers me with grace.  Brings me to tears every single time. 

Anyway, folks . . . have a great week!

Oh, and CTP!!!

Yeesh.  Haven’t posted in awhile.  There are good reasons for that.

Birthday was yesterday.  ‘Twas pretty cool.  I never really expect anything for my Birthday, so anything that happens is always quite a surprise.  My co-workers threw me a little surprise party which was nice.  Then went out to dinner w/ some cool friends.

Thanx so much to everyone for showing love!  I really appreciate it.  Got lots of emails, voicemails, food items, gift cards, NYC pics, etc.  Y’all know how to make a brotha feel warm and fuzzy

Thanx most of all to Mr. Paul . . . you continually amaze me with your care for me.  I totally don’t deserve it man.  Thanx for always encouraging me, pushing me, stretching me.  And thanx for 1,000 emails from all ur crazy friends! LOL.  You’re a sick, sick man . . . but that’s why I love you soooo much!