Yeesh.  Haven’t posted in awhile.  There are good reasons for that.

Birthday was yesterday.  ‘Twas pretty cool.  I never really expect anything for my Birthday, so anything that happens is always quite a surprise.  My co-workers threw me a little surprise party which was nice.  Then went out to dinner w/ some cool friends.

Thanx so much to everyone for showing love!  I really appreciate it.  Got lots of emails, voicemails, food items, gift cards, NYC pics, etc.  Y’all know how to make a brotha feel warm and fuzzy

Thanx most of all to Mr. Paul . . . you continually amaze me with your care for me.  I totally don’t deserve it man.  Thanx for always encouraging me, pushing me, stretching me.  And thanx for 1,000 emails from all ur crazy friends! LOL.  You’re a sick, sick man . . . but that’s why I love you soooo much!



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  1. lol…now i know what that means. *wink* (thanks!)…i forgot about adding diem to the family.  that means you will have three sisters…man, your going to have a wide range of emotions to deal with. 🙂 

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