I realize that since I’ve decided to keep even my more shallow posts protected these days, that there are a couple of people that could possibly be added to the coveted protected list.  You’ll have to make a petition to be added though . . . by email.  Don’t get mad if you’re rejected . . . I reserve the right to completely ignore your request without response (I’d probably explain why you’re being rejected though, b/c I’m cool like that )


6 thoughts on “

  1. freeman, its $170. to fly into hartford ct. and $200. to fly into prov. we are going to have to talk about this. call me tomorrow at work or on my cell. hope you had a fun night! =)

  2. Darren, I’ll fight you on that till the day I die.  It means precisely what the English translations say it means.  You’ve bought into gobbledygook that gives way too much latitude for irreverent behavior.

  3. I feel like you’re only hostile to that interpretation because of your own personal issues over and above any scholarly objections you may have.  You’d probably argue it doesn’t matter which order which objection comes…but of course, I’d argue differently.  Perhaps you could send me some of your materials about a word study and let me see them.

  4. I think there’s been a miscomm — because we’re in total agreement. I said Fred is the all-time best gospel artist EXCEPT for that POL Ch3. Yikes man… POL3 was a piece of work, I sold that on eBay… where’d Fred put RFC? It was scary bad.

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