Lord have mercy . . .

An old Bible study leader of mine (Dave) used to say: “Justice is getting what you deserve; mercy is not getting what you deserve; and grace is getting what you don’t deserve.”

That grace part really reverberated in my gut.  As it should for any good Evangelical.  I never really worried too much about that silly mercy part though.  After all, when you’re the Evangelical shiznit, who needs mercy, right?

Hey, I do.

As my life has been jilted into oblivion, I’ve come to realize just how far away I truly am from ever measuring up to any standard one would call “holy”.  Grace is great, but you may have noticed in recent months that I’ve ended some posts with “Lord, have mercy . . . “

I seriously need it.  I feel like I can’t do right no matter what I choose, and I haven’t the strength to do right even if I were to choose it.  And I find myself simply pleading for Christ to have mercy on me.  I’m grateful that I’ve recently been taught “the Jesus Prayer” (from Orthodox traditions):

“Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me a sinner.”

I remember saying that over and over in my car the other night, and suddenly feeling so close to Jesus – so comforted by His presence.  At least I know He hasn’t left me.  I hate being so screwed up   But He’s surely been merciful through it all.

I pray the Lord’s mercy on you all . . . may you not get what you deserve.



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  1. I try very hard not to think about what I actually deserve to get, because if I thought about it long I just might shudder myself into a coma… or something.  It’s scary as hell (literally) to think about what I deserve.  God is amazing and I am so blessed, yet as I have found out yet again this weekend, it can go away so fast.  It matters not how strong a person is, how close to God’s heart they are, we are still human, and until the other side of Heaven, it’s still possible for us to fall.  Satan never stops working, which makes for a lifetime of work that gets tiring… but I’d rather stick with it and keep falling and getting up than give up and get what I deserve. 
    God blows my mind.. 

  2. Right On Brother,
    Very good post.  Man God is teach you good stuff.  It’s hard places right now.  But remember in the 23 Psalm we are told “He leads me in paths of righteousness for His namesake.”  The very next line is “Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death;”  Sometimes the path of righteousness goes through the valley of the shadow of death. 
    After 15 years of walking with the Lord there are still many time I say, “Save me Jesus!”  He’s got hold of you brother.
    I Love You With God’s Love,

  3. I’m alive, fear not.  My job has been keeping me quite busy, though.  Wedding planning is only slightly happening!  Maybe once football season ends I’ll have actual time to do things.  🙂  How have you been??

  4. I’m amazed at what you say – because I relate more than you know.  I was just telling someone how I’m coming to realize how much more I drop the ball than I realized.  And how much more valuable that makes grace – and mercy.  Hang in there bro.  🙂

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