I’m losing energy, motivation, hope, reality . . . life is such a big confusing mess right now.

The worse thing about fighting yourself when you’re a good fighter is that no one wins.  I lose against myself either way.  It seems that there simply are no answers sometimes . . . and that usually doesn’t bother me, but today it does.  I need . . .

a voice




I don’t know why I beat myself up so much about not loving people the way I should, but I do.

This is not a pity post.  I am not looking for encouragement.  I’m simply venting.  This is my catharsis.

In brighter news, the incomparable Paul successfully convinced me a couple of days ago to invest in the 2-disc, original Broadway cast “Rent” soundtrack, and I’m friggin glad he did! 

The movie . . . comes out TOMORROW!!  My only regret is that I’ll be busy opening night and won’t be able to see it   But I’m friggin’ EXCITED b/c the reviews have all been great!  I can’t wait to see it!!


7 thoughts on “

  1. I saw a light at the end of a tunnel once…headlights of a Mac truck….HAHAHA….Listen seek God for the eyes of His heart, and you’ll start seeing people differently.  It may sound “christianeezy”, but He will really do it for you.  It’s God’s love you want to give people anyway, right?
    Ya, Know I Love You,

  2. “Excuse me if I’m off track, but if you’re so wise then tell me why do you need smack?”I’m so excited that I have the opportunity (and the tickets) to go see Rent tomorrow! Yes, I had to say that! And go there. Oh, yes I did!Yeah, you done a devotional today?

  3. AAAAHHHH!!!!   Rent is not coming to my area.. not even close and I was SOOOO excited for that movie.  I’m pissed!  I have to wait another few months for it to come out on video…  I’m so jealous that you’ll see it.
    And with the other-ness… you’re in my prayers. 

  4. So, I just rechecked the local theatre for RENT, and….   I overlooked something when I checked it before.  RENT IS coming to my town.  I’m so pumped!!   I have to work thanksgiving day, and will not be with family after I get off, so that will be my Happy Thanksgiving gift to myself.  Instead of turkey, I’ll just go see RENT.  Wahoo!!

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