I, Robot . . .

When I was younger, I used to imagine that I was a robot, in some grand experiment.  I was a test subject.  The rest of the world knew that I was a robot, but I was never to have this knowledge myself – for that would ruin the experiment.  But no one ever figured out that I was self-aware, and cognizant of this grandiose test. 

So every human I interacted with was actually part of the experiment.  Scientists were studying how I would respond to certain situations.

I’m not sure why I imagined such a fanciful tale.  It really was a philsophical quagmire for me, in that there were times when I did in fact wonder if this was true of me and reality.  I think in large part, it had to do with my love affair with the movie “D.A.R.Y.L.” – which my brother used to bring home from Erol’s Video for me several times a year.  I think I have always been largely impacted by movies.  Even to this day, movies speak spiritual truths to me that I could not imbibe from any sermon – no matter how well it was taught.

That was totally random . . . I don’t know why I bothered sharing it.  New thought:

“Torontonians” . . .

I still think they should be called “Torontians”, b/c it makes it sounds like they are people with some sort of disease or something . . . but Brian says it’s “Torontonians” . . . I’ll accept that

So I just got back from Toronto last night, and I had an AWESOME time!  I met my boy Paul in New York on Friday afternoon, and then we headed off on a looooooong ass journey to Toronto.  The driving was quite smooth up until we reached Buffalo, and then we hit TONS of snow!  What a nightmare!  But it was actually quite clear up in Canada, so we pushed through, and met up with Brian and Anna.

I won’t bore you with every last detail, but here are some of the highlights:

Sushi! “Rent” the movie with some of the dearest people to my heart (there really isn’t anything like experiencing “Rent” with folks who actually get it).  Thai food.  Nearly getting arrested. . . Yikes!  Drive-through antics  The “Peanut Butter . . . and Jelly!” song . . . 10 minutes of laughter from that alone.  Prank calls to unsuspecting people coast-to-coast Snow.  Silly talks, deep talks, and everything in between.  Progressive church service with artsy Canadians.  Dandini!  Twizzlers and Lucky Strikes – addictions for everyone  

All in all, I found Toronto to be rather schizophrenic.  I’ve never seen a city where very ghetto shops are in juxtaposition to very upscale shops.  It shouldn’t surprise me, considering Toronto is one of the most diverse cities in the world . . . but I guess it’s strange b/c my idea of diversity is where there are distinc communities within an area, but Toronto is so well mixed that there’s nothing distinct about it!  Everyone’s just thrown in the mix.  It’s very cool, but very weird.

Paul, Anna, Brian . . . I miss you guys already   I had such a great time.  Thank you so much for doing my heart well.  I needed that.  Thanks for being the bestest friends a guy could ask for.

Anywho . . . back to the grind . . . and lookin’ for love in all the WRONG places. *sigh*


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  1. Nice to see you can get random at times in your writing. I think you had a point there, but you cut yourself off. Glad you had a great time in Toronto! It’s just so nice that, once again, you got this vacation time scheduled correctly and it didn’t hinder your time off like BOSTON. Glad you liked Rent and got to share it with some people who get it. That’s a great feeling. Especially if you annoy them by singing ALL THE WORDS to ALL THE SONGS in the movie. Looking forward to seeing you soon.It’s been *too* long.Looking for love in all the wrong places? Say it ain’t so! At least you don’t have a friend where you’re constantly wishing stuff would happen between you two. THAT’S really looking for love in all the wrong places; the wrong time; the wrong everything.

  2. dj,
    Glad you had a good time.  I can relate.  I hung out with some of my best friends over the holiday weekend.  I also saw RENT with one of my closest friends.  She was a virgin (didn’t know what the show is about) She’s a lover of all things RENT now!!! 
    Bro’ you don’t want to go lookin’ for love in all the wrong places.   God’s got all the right places, but I know I don’t really have to tell you that.  As always you are in my prayers and thoughts.  Keep pressing in to God, and He’ll get you through all the crap.
    Big Love For Ya, Bro’

  3. Oh my gosh!!! I had something so similar when I was younger! Ok, so in my world, I thought that I too was the subject of some grand experiment. Basically, every human on earth except me was really an alien (green, with tentacles), but they had the ability to shapeshift into a human at will. The aliens didn’t like looking human, so the aliens that were assigned to be closer to me (family, friends, classmates, random people on the street) had to shapeshift into human more often than the aliens in the rest of the world. But the whole point was to observe me. And I couldn’t prove or disprove this theory, since only I knew who I was, and I knew I wasn’t an alien.

  4. you know. . .I have never read anything by Donald Miller befor. . .I just hear a lot of his ideas regurgiated through other people, and I like what I hear. So I went out and bought “Blue Like Jazz” and “Searching for. . .”, but I have not acctually began any of them, not enough time right now, but I will definitly dive into it over the break. The more I hear about him, the more I get excited because what I hear he is saying is a lot of what I am going through now also. . .and it would be amazing to get some affirmation from a great perspective like Miller’s. I will def let you know what I think when I finish. . .
    Just a side note. . .I heard this summer from a guy reading Miller that he(Miller) made one of the greatest arguments against evolution, better than any Creationist scientist has ever made, and Miller didn’t even use science to do it, but just logic. Miller said that evolution is currently able to answer every aspect of life EXCEPT for the reason humans wear clothes. . .think about it. . .no other “evolved” being has tried even remotely to cover up their nudity in shame, but oddly enough humans do. There is no way evolution or the “survival of the fittest” (which I still believe a lot of) can answer.  

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