Fat ass . . .

So it seems I’ve dropped a couple of pounds in the last couple months . . . which tends to happen around spring for me (I guess the joy came early this year ).  Since I was all depressed and lonely Saturday, I cheered myself up by going out to buy some jeans for my fat ass, since all my current jeans seemed to be too darn big!

Man, I wish I had a lot more money, b/c I really do enjoy shopping ever now and then

But anywho, got some good clothes.  To ensure that I’ll be able to remain this size to fit said clothes in the future, I decided it was time to get back to running. 

Now, I haven’t run since the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure back in October.  And if you’ll recall, I did terrible on that, b/c I skipped on some of my training the few weeks beforehand.  So needless to say, yesterday’s little run was . . . abysmal.  Not that I care really . . . I plan on making this more of a routine, and less of a “training” sort of thing anyway.  I’m just shocked at how out of shape I am! lol.

Anyway, hope you’re all having a great week!

Peace and love,
D.J. Free!


8 thoughts on “Fat ass . . .

  1. I’ve had a great deal more problem myself with the fat between my ears.    The fat in my ass is just there as a balance for the fat in my head. 

  2. hey, I had some weird computer/AIM malfunction thing going on and I can’t get back on . . . but I didn’t want you thinking that I just dropped our convo, cause I’d like to continue when my AIM is up again.
    Also, are there any Meyers-Briggs websites that you’d recommend that allow you to take the exam and view your results/summary? I know they exist, but I just didn’t know if some are better than others . . . Thanks bro

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