10K . . .

Yup.  I finally did it.  I was getting bored with 5K’s, and wanted to do a 10K by this spring, so I started training on the trusty gym treadmills . . . and on Sunday, I did it: 10K.  6.2 miles, baby!!  With energy to spare!  Granted, the time was not all that great (~56 mins) . . . but I’ll work on that.  My goal is to do one of the Bmore 10Ks this spring in under 45 minutes.  We’ll see how that goes.

In other news . . . just 2 more days   Thanx for offering a ride to the airport, JaneYang!!

Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang is a MUST SEE!  Hilarious!

This morning, my heart is heavy.  Not in a bad way (I don’t think) . . . it’s just that I feel torn in so many different directions on several fronts.  My career is at another crossroads, relationships are more confusing than ever, and where the hell am I gonna live when my lease runs out?   Yet, I feel peace about it all.  I’m just trusting that God’s still there, and still loving me . . . and everything will fall comfortably (or perhaps uncomfortably?) in place.





13 thoughts on “10K . . .

  1. 10k? and why did you not share this with me yesterday. i am sensing a bit of a distance with you these days…^^ — its not a problem driving you to the airport.  btw, can you email me your home addy to work since i am planning on coming from 695.  gonna get off work at noon and see my bf for lunch and then get you. you don’t think we will be sitting at the airport for 12 hours, like we did when we were trying to send rebekah back home…=P

  2. 10K, I’m impressed!    I can’t walk 10K….or even 2K…..I’ve got FOM syndrome, a bad knee and ankles to boot.
    RYC:  I know what you mean when you say it’s difficult to believe people when they say they love you.   I was always that way, as well.   I’m not going to tell you I don’t struggle with this at times.    The truth is when I am first getting to know people it is a living nightmare for me.   I have to force myself to fellowship with people.   I honestly don’t want people to feel any kind of obligation toward me.   I also don’t want to burden people with my presence, if they really don’t want to be around me.   I started feeling loved after I started giving love.
    God has gifted me with the gift of encouragement.   In the past I thought people who were really encouraging of others were fake and just wanted something.   I’ve always been sensitive to others, and can find their strong qualities.   But I didn’t want to be one of those people who are full of bullshit.    Well, I started to reach out and tell people the things that I could truly see.   I refuse to lie, just to make people feel good.    I think by now you know I don’t have a problem getting in people’s faces and letting them have it.     I didn’t expect the result I got.   I got very loving committed relationships.   I knew I was genuinely loving people, and they were genuinely loving me back.    It completely blew my mind.   
    I’m going to be honest with you though, I wasn’t ready for the separation from those people.  (I’m talking about my church in South Carolina).    I was absolutely devastated by the separation.    I was sharing life with these people, and it hurts like hell to pull that apart.   I’m not talking about any kind of romance here, there was never any of that.   I’ve had one on one relationships that are like that, but not with a whole church!     I am still dealing with the depression from that.    And I am scared SHITLESS to form new relationships with people in my new church.   I have really been putting on the brakes, and staying aloof.    I know I have to connect with these people.   I experience the pressure to “dive in”, internally every day.     I just can’t do it…..I don’t know how to handle that kind of hurt yet.     
    I’ve thought about it a lot, or as you say it A LOT !    There are some days I wish I’d never been a part of that church, but I know I would do it again.    I don’t regret falling in love with my church, but I sure as hell regret the leaving!    I’m not trying to discourage you here Darren, but I am going to keep it real with you.    Once you start giving you’ll pull things out of you, you never thought you had.    You’ll pull things out of people that you never thought you’d experience from others.    Dive in man, and you’ll find the water is FINE!!!  BUT God help you when the pool party’s over!
    Random Stream coming hang on!
    –I’m with you I learn more from people who disagree with me than from those who agree with me.    And I’ve learned some very good things from you.    You might have to help me get a little bit softer with my side of the conversation, but I think you know I can take a well placed slap upside the head. 
    — Reading Boyd is just a confirmation of stuff that I’ve been thinking from the beginning of my Christian walk.    I used to think I was crazy for thinking the stuff I did, because I was around “Pat Robertson”; “I’m entitled to be an asshole, cause I’m right and God’s on my side,” kinds of Christians.   FUCKING PRICKS!   Anyway, no one I was hanging around was talking about what I’ve been thinking about politics.   You know I haven’t been hanging out with an Emerging crowd.   So where is this stuff coming from?   I was a Theater Arts major in college, and never took a class that was remotely poly-sci.    My father has always been conservative, but I was a “bed wetting” liberal.   Then I was an ass kicking conservative.    So what gives??
    — I agree with your position on politics.   I vote, and believe Christians have a responsibility to at least vote.   I’m not against Christians running for office, so long as political activity doesn’t become their way of “evangelizing”.     There can be no political center in Christians.    It’s all about Jesus.
    —  I very much like both Obama, and Brownback.   I’ll be paying close attention, praying and perhaps instead of trying to pick the lesser of 2 evils, we’ll have two worthwhile candidates running.    Still, I will never rely on, or trust any political structures.
    Don’t forget the camera, take lots and lots of pictures,  and I want to see lots of you looking relaxed and smiling.    Don’t make me come up there and kick your ass!! 
    Love Ya Right Back!!

  3. RYC, why am I rediculous? Seems pretty obvious the double standard to me. lol… But I would like your opinion on the matter seeing as how you have a different perspective than me. Hopefully you can fit it in before you head over to the land of wusses… err… i mean france 🙂

  4. Well, I tried leaving you a polite comment on Burke’s site, but he felt that pointing out a misunderstanding was “hateful” or some such and deleted it. You didn’t get what I was saying. I wasn’t saying YOU hated white people, I was complaining about the government and other legal oriented groups that want to have double standards and I was complaining about those who use something that happened hundreds of years ago as an excuse for people’s lack of drive today. I think everyone should be judged on their character and not what color their skin is.

  5. Wow, you’ve been busy on Burke’s site. I was going to say something, but you laid it out so eloquently. It might seem like a double standard, and it’s true that we need to pull ourselves up and stop expecting help, but there is a difference in experiences and understanding. Are you back yet?

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