Selling Out . . .

I’ve made no secrets, nor had any qualms about my absolute disdain for Abercrombie and Fitch.  For years, the store taunted me with it’s nearly-gay ads of mostly-naked, ever-elusive, overly-gorgeous young men.  (Can you imagine how torturous a simple trek to the local A&F would be to a poor hormone-driven, angst-ridden little fella  in denial about his sexuality, or to the aspiring (albeit failed) “ex-gay” young man?!!) 

Not to mention the shallow nature of their hiring process.  Ever notice how attractive the employees look?  It’s no mere coincidence.  It’s within the management’s culture to not hire any “ugly” people. 

SIDE NOTE – I’m sorry if this is shocking news to you, or worse, you’ve been turned down for a job there (yes, that means the more shocking news to you is that you’re probably not very pretty . . . at least in their standards.  If it’s any consolation, *I* think you’re BEUA-ti-FUL! ) – END SIDE NOTE

In short, A&F is Lucifer in retail form.

Much to my chagrin, my good friend Adrienne took a job with them a few years ago, and because of her overt hotness, she’s moved up in the ranks.  Not to mention that there was a big push for them to not look so darn racist, so Adrienne’s African-American-ness also gave her token status, and therefore further launched her managerial ascent.

But I’ve been looking high and low for a decent pair of jeans that fit.  After a long evening at a myriad of stores, and various dressing rooms, I decided to step into the devil’s lair just to see if they had anything for me. 

Wouldn’t you know that I found the most comfortable pair of jeans that I’ve tried on in YEARS?  I walked out of the store empty-handed, head hanging low, afraid for what this meant for me.  I mean, the tragedy!  The indignity! The irony! (Well, in an Alanis Morisette sort of way, at least.)

I won’t build the suspense any longer.  I’ll admit it.  (But please, please, PLEASE GOD! Don’t hold it against me!)  I  went back an hour later and bought the jeans

So w/o further ado . . .I introduce to you . . . the Kilburn Low Rise Bootcut Dark Wash Jeans:

Lord have mercy on my soul . . .


Everything Must Change . . .

So I got this email saying that the first 100 bloggers who responded to the publisher for Brian McLaren’s new book (Everything Must Change: Jesus, Global Crises, and a Revolution of Hope) would get an advanced, FREE copy of the book, so long as they posted a review.

Well, apparently I was too late

BUT!  They actually had a few extra free copies to dish out, so those of us who were a little further down on the list still got a free copy!  Only problem is that we’d be getting ours a lot later than others.  Then tack on the fact that my lovely rental office held onto my package for a week w/o letting me know that they had it, so I really just got my copy last Saturday. 

So yeah, while I’d love to post that review, the truth is that I haven’t had a freakin’ free moment to read the book, b/c my life has been overwhelmed with the impending psych pharmacy board exam (coming THIS Saturday . . . yes, that means you need to pray for me RIGHT NOW!) and other emo life issues. 

Fear not, I shall read the book immediately after filling in the last fill-in-the-blank bubble of the board exam with my trusty #2 pencil.  OK, alright, you got me.  I won’t be reading it that soon after . . . but still, I’ll be reading it soon enough, and posting a review for all the world to see.

From what I can tell so far, though, it’s slightly reminiscent of Dan Quinn’s Ishmael, except with some more overt Christian trimmings.  Should be a good read!

In my great anticipation, I also made a bold move today and signed up for the Everything Must Change “Deep Shift” tour coming to DC in March, despite any knowledge whether any friends would be joining me or not (*hint, hint, JANE!).  But I hope some of you would consider going to a conference near you (or – preferrably – near ME) . . . b/c we all know how fun those McLaren conferences are!

Also, be expecting some more personal updates.  As previously mentioned, I’ve been inundated with all things life, but I should be getting my bearings soon, and making obligatory outbursts on the the faithful Xanga page soon