Next Friday, my partner and I will be having a CELEBRATION EXTRAVAGANZA!  This will be our housewarming, our engagement party, my 30th burfday party , and our official signing of the Maryland Domestic Partner Registry!

Most of our friends in the area know all about it, as they’ve been invited and are already slated to come.  Even our good friends Joe and his husband will be there, since they’re visiting us from Illinois that weekend!

But we can now add on one other celebration to the extravaganza: the welcoming of the pitter-patter of tiny, lil’ feet!  Yes, that’s right!  Even though we’re not legally married just yet, WE’VE ADOPTED!

. . . a dog.  Her name is Lacey.  And we’ll be getting her in a couple of weekends (not in time for the party, unfortunately) after we make some repairs to our fence!

Australian Shepherd Picture

6 thoughts on “Pitter-Patter

  1. eesh. I havent been on Xanga in forever! Is that an Australian Sheppard?  My sister and her fiance just got one of those.  And my beau and I talk about getting a smaller dog once we’re settled in together. Congrats! I wish i could be there!!!! 😦

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