The Journey Continues . . .

It’s time.  Time to hang up the Xanga.  As much as I hate to add to the mass Xanga exodus, I just feel like so much of my life has changed, and I can’t post about my journey in the way I used to, because it’s such a different journey now.  So I’m changing things up, starting with a new blog.  Please check it out and add it to your RSS feed (or whatever it is you use these days to follow your friends)!

Peace and Love, my Xanga friends!  See ya on the other side!

D.J. Free!



I find it somewhat bizarre that some of the same Republicans that insist that gay marriage is in violation of the majority’s right (i.e., the mantra “Let the people vote!”), would then turn around and obstruct the overwhelming majority of elected officials’ plans by way of filibuster.  Discuss . . .