The Journey Continues . . .

It’s time.  Time to hang up the Xanga.  As much as I hate to add to the mass Xanga exodus, I just feel like so much of my life has changed, and I can’t post about my journey in the way I used to, because it’s such a different journey now.  So I’m changing things up, starting with a new blog.  Please check it out and add it to your RSS feed (or whatever it is you use these days to follow your friends)!

Peace and Love, my Xanga friends!  See ya on the other side!

D.J. Free!


2 thoughts on “The Journey Continues . . .

  1. aw, I’m so sad!  You’re one of like 4 people I still look for when I hop on here .  But I understand needing to continue in your journey.  I hope you know I wish you all the happiness in the world.  You’re a good soul – not that you needed me to tell you that .  Many blessings!

  2. don’t be sad, rach!!  i still follow xanga, so i still get an email every time you post something   plus, you could do what i did: get yourself a little RSS feed (e.g., Google reader –, and have it follow all your blogs.  ’cause I bet you’ve got other friends out there who are blogging on other systems just like me! hope you and the family are well! {{{{HUG}}}}

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